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Neukölln: open and colourful with communal solidarity!
What is Offenes Neukölln?

The festival “Offenes Neukölln” will be taking place all-around Neukölln from Friday, July 14th to Sunday, July 16th. A weekend complete with a varied program consisting of around 100 events, street actions, and promotions awaits: from a street festival to political discussions; from artistic performances to an intercultural breakfast; from a postcolonial city tour to a pick-up football tournament.

What is planned?

Over 80 different initiatives, organisations, associations and local bars are taking part in the festival offering something for any, and everyone. Stretching from the Landwehr Canal and Hermannplatz all the way to the Hufeisensiedlung, the residents of Neukölln will be out and about representing the district as it is – bright, vivacious, and staunchly adverse to any form of racism and social chauvinism.

photo of the programme flyer

Why are we organising this?

The year 2016 alone saw 800 recorded attacks on refugee shelters and living accommodations in Germany. Neukölln has not gone untouched and for more than year has been victim to an increasing number of radical right-wing attacks and abuses: Cars have been set on fire and people have been threated. Racist positions are gaining credence and landing seats in parliaments across Germany and in Berlin.

We won’t put up with this any longer and want to show that Neukölln sticks together! Neukölln is not a place of hatred, but rather a communal living space for people coming from more than 150 different countries. Neukölln is just as much Halal meat as it is cheap beer. It is a colourful coming together of the most varied peoples and languages.

So who is behind it all?

The festival is being organised by Bündnis Neukölln: a coalition of various organisations, initiatives, unions, parties, religious communities, and private citizens.